Europol Joint Supervisory Body

Tasks of the JSB

Tasks of the JSB

The JSB is charged with reviewing Europol's activities to ensure that the rights of the individual are not violated by the storage, processing and use of the data held by Europol. One way in which the JSB fulfils this general task is by carrying out inspections of Europol.

Under the Europol Council Decision the JSB is also responsible for considering whether Europol is following the principles of data protection in a number of specific areas. These specific tasks include examining and commenting on the opening of specific analysis work files; monitoring the permissibility of the transmission of data originating from Europol; examining questions relating to implementation and interpretation in connection with Europol's activities as regards the processing and use of personal data; monitoring the transmission of personal data by Europol to Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, third bodies and non-Member States; and drawing up harmonised proposals for common solutions to existing problems.

The JSB is responsible for upholding the rights individuals have in relation to their personal information. This includes considering the appeals of individuals who have requested access to their information but who are not satisfied with Europol's response.

To ensure that the JSB remains a transparent body, the Europol Council Decision requires the JSB to publish activity reports at regular intervals. These reports are forwarded to the European Parliament and to the Council.